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CA Initial CCW 8-hour 1-Day Course (Location: North Highlands - The Gun Range)


For general information on the CCW permit process and to start an online application with the sheriff, read our CCW FAQ page.  You should have already started your application with the county sheriff and have had your initial interview in most cases, before taking this course.

EL DORADO, PLACER, YOLO and CONTRA COSTA COUNTIES and CITY of RIPON 8-HOUR CONCEALED CARRY HANDGUN COURSE (for residents of El Dorado, Placer, Yolo and Contra Costa Counties and City of Ripon with 8-hour course requirements)

Location:  This Course will be at The Gun Range in North Highlands (3479 Orange Grove Ave) 

If you have never used the Gun Range facility to shoot, you must register on the terminals at the entrance before you can shoot your qualification - you can do this during the morning break and lunch. 

Advanced Online Registration is REQUIRED as seating is limited.

Course Overview:

  • Introduction

  • Firearms – types and function

  • Ammunition

  • Safety

  • Revolver – in detail

  • Autoloading pistol – in detail

  • Shooting fundamentals

  • How to select a pistol for self defense

  • Self defense alternatives

  • Personal protection
  • California & Federal gun laws

  • Legal overview – use of deadly force

  • Range – live firing – qualification (two magazines (three recommended) per semi-auto gun and one speed loader or speed strip per revolver)

  • Review

  • Written test

Materials Furnished:

  • Targets

  • Range fee for qualification

Students Must Bring:

  • Eye and Ear Protection

  • All firearms that will be listed on the CCW permit for range qualification

  • All ammunition required for qualification (50 rounds per gun)

  • Two magazines per semi-auto gun (three recommended) and one speed loader/strip per revolver

Other Course Information:

  • Minimum Age Requirement:  21 years or older

  • No open toed shoes on range

  • No loaded guns in the classroom - all guns must be checked by staff before entering classroom

  • Recommend no loose or low cut blouses or shirts while shooting

FEE: $129

Advanced Online Registration is REQUIRED as seating is limited

Materials Included:
Does not include lunch

CA Initial CCW 8-hour 1-Day Course (Location: North Highlands - The Gun Range)

$ 129.00