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CCW Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the process to get a CCW permit (permit to carry a concealed firearm)?

A: Generally, you can apply online at your (county of residence) sheriff’s website.  Some cities have their Police Department issue CCW permits so check with them first (usually online) to see if they are issuing CCW permits for city residents if you live inside city boundaries.  In Sacramento County, the sheriff handles all CCW permits for those that reside in Sacramento County. Though the process is a little different for each county, most county sheriffs have an online process.  The process includes:

  • filling out an application (see links below for online applications)

  • stating the reason you want/need a CCW permit (which is usually "protection of self and family")

  • having an initial face to face interview to review your application

  • receiving an initial letter/email approving you to get your fingerprints done for a background check

  • receiving a background check approval letter/email or a letter/email telling you to go take the required CCW Training course

  • taking an approved CCW Training course (8 to 16 hours) depending on county. This includes qualifying with the guns you’ll have on your permit

  • filing the final paperwork including CCW course completion certificate

  • having final interview/pickup of your new CCW permit

Q: How long does the CCW permit process take to complete?

A: Generally 2-5 months (varies by county) from start to finish. (Currently, 1/01/2023, it is typically taking about 5 months in Sacramento County due to the increased demand for CCW permits.)

Q: What are the website addresses for Sacramento and surrounding counties to apply for a CCW permit?

A:  List of local county sheriff’s CCW pages below:

Sacramento County Sheriff:

San Joaquin County Sheriff:

City of West Sacramento:


Yolo County Sheriff:

El Dorado County Sheriff:


Placer County Sheriff: